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Dr. Maria Montessori created a learning environment for the child, which allows development of skills through exploration and manipulation of specially designed materials.

Mixed age groups provide opportunities for peer learning and teaching. Respect for others and their work is fostered in the classroom environment.

Montessori methods and materials were created to provide for the needs of the child at each stage of growth. By freely choosing, the child develops an independence and initiative that strengthens his/her concentration, emphasizing the formation of an integrated, thinking personality which is all part of the Montessori philosophy.

Through observation, the trained teacher determines when the child is ready to be guided to the next level of exploration. Therefore, the child delights in learning and builds a firm foundation of work habits.

About MMTA

The Manitoba Montessori Teachers Association, MMTA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, supporting and providing information on the Montessori education philosophy. The MMTA was founded in 1985.

The goals of the Association are: to promote and support Montessori educational philosophy; provide a support group for Manitoba Montessori teachers; provide workshops and conferences of interest to members of the MMTA; provided guidance and information concerning Montessori education and training.

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